Die Cast Collectibles

Die cast collectibles are a range of toys or models that are collected by hobbyists and by children. The name die cast is derived from the manufacturing process that is used to make the toy or model - die casting. These toys/models can be made from various materials including plastic and metal. These models are often made to scale so that they give a miniature version of the original object.

It is thought that true die cast collectibles really began to be produced in bulk in the early 20th century. Popular brand names here include Dinky Toys, Matchbox, Corgi and Hot Wheels. There are all kinds of die cast collectibles to choose from in the sector. Common types of models and toys here include:

People collect die cast toys and models for different reasons. Children, for example, will collect them to simply play with and many fast food restaurant chains will regularly give away die cast toys and models with their childrens' meals. Collectors, however, may take this more seriously and may collect die cast toys and models in mint condition to display rather than to use as toys. Early die cast examples will come at a premium price here.