Collectible Toys

There are so many collectible toys today that it is a challenge to decide what someone would be interested in collecting. Collectible toys are broken down into different time periods and then specifically into many different categories. Deciding what one wants to collect depends on personal interests and preferences.

Action figures are a common type of collectible toy by both children and adults alike. These are small plastic figures, often posable, of characters from movies, games, cartoons, or comic books. One of the oldest and most popular action figures is G.I. Joe. These action figures were first released in 1964 and inspired by the movie "The Story of G.I. Joe" which was released in 1945. They have continued to grow in popularity over the years and in the 1980's a TV series was even created based on these characters.

Marvel Comics have also been the source of a number of actions figures. The many superheroes and villains found in these comics have inspired numerous action figures and accessories over the years. Some of the most popular are Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man.

Originally greeting card characters, the Care Bears, became a popular collectible item when they were turned into plush teddy bears. Each bear had a different color and symbol on their belly. These bears also inspired both a cartoon TV series and three movies.

The Walt Disney Company has created a number of different collectible toys based on its many different cartoon and movie characters. One of the most popular collectible toy characters is Mickey Mouse and a number of toys have been based on him. These collectibles include teddy bears, action figures, and many more.

The rock and roll band Kiss also spawned a number of collectible toys. The cartoon like costumes the performers would wear was perfect for action figures. Older Kiss collectible toys have become very valuable and often hard to find.

These are just a few of the main collectible toys; there are literally thousands of other types. Each type or brand of toy has different models and characters.