Radio Controlled Models

Radio controlled models (also sometimes known as RC models) are models that can be moved and steered via a remote radio control. So, for example, a remote controlled car can be driven around by its radio control, a remote controlled boat can be moved around on water and a remote controlled dinosaur can be made to move and roar by its radio control.

Some people like to buy their radio controlled models from shops and others will build their own models. Popular types of radio controlled models include:

The actual quality that you get with a radio controlled model will vary according to the model you choose or buy and the price you pay for it. Basic models will offer a simple range of manoeuvres whilst more expensive models may be able to be used in a more complex and challenging manner.

Radio controlled models are fuelled in various ways as well. Some will use petrol based power, some will use standard batteries and some will use a rechargeable battery system. The length of use you get from your power source will again depend on the radio controlled model you use and how complicated it is.